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Jonathan Vos Post is a part-time Professor of Mathematics, who has also taught Anthropology, Astronomy, Computer Science, Ecology, Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, and other subjects. He is also a professional Science Fiction author who has co-authored or co-edited with Ray Bradbury, Richard Feynman, Sir Arthur C. Clarke, and many others, for his nearly 900 publications, presentations, and broadcasts. A failed actor, who has sold some plays; a failed musician, whose lyrics have made it to MTV; he has finally suceeded as a husband and father, and is thus a happy man, eager to share his delight in life. His primary concern is attempting to answer three little questions: (1) what is the universe, and how does it work?; (2) what is a human being?; and (3) what is the place of a human being in the universe? His web domain, magicdragon.com, gets over 15,000,000 hits per year.